“AJM Electrical Services provided us with a superb service at a time of crisis.  Not only did they support us across several days and nights when the wiring at our property became severely unsafe and unreliable but they also developed a robust, practical and highly cost effective solution to new electrical medium use requirements in an outbuilding.  Their ability to listen to our concerns and our needs and translate these into a highly impressive system was remarkable; the customer service at AJM is nothing short of superb.  Regardless of the high speed with which we required turnaround, the time of night we occasionally called in an emergency, nothing was too much trouble, and no problem was insurmountable.  He has proven to us his company can absorb any size of job – our most recent was minutes, previously our endless problems seemed unsolvable.  I recommend AJM Electrical Services very highly indeed and would suggest speaking with Aaron informally to understand how he would approach your needs. AJM are highly flexible, responsive and 100% reliable.  Their services come in on budget with no hidden extras. 

I was the initial port of call for Aaron as my husband was unavailable.  Frequently I have experienced suppliers and service providers talk down to women, I have found myself blinded intentionally by technical detail, patronised and sometimes suppliers quote according to the size of the property – AJM was the exact opposite of all these previous experiences.  Aaron translated what had happened into clear, understandable terms, he explained in lay terms what options we had to solve the problems, the timeframes, the knock on effect of certain decisions and then provided continuous support post installation always with great courtesy and professionalism.” - Bruce & Rebecca - Kingsbury Episcopi