AJM Electrical Services (SW) Ltd specialise in split system air conditioning which will keep any room in your house or business at the perfect temperature whatever the weather.

Air conditioning is the perfect choice for heating and cooling any space efficiently and effectively.

  • Cheap and efficient to run
  • Unobtrusive
  • Quiet operation


Fgas Regulation

Companies that have air conditioning installed, are legally bound to keep detailed records of servicing and maintenance to meet strict FGas rules and regulations, or they will face heavy fines for non-compliance. AJM Electrical Services (SW) Ltd makes sure all its clients remain compliant and helps them avoid the legal minefield that plagues the air conditioning and HVAC industry.

We stand out in our industry by offering an air conditioning installation and maintenance service based around trust and professionalism. Our clients are always our priority and we consistently work to exceed their expectations. To discuss your Air Conditioning requirements in the South West please call us on 01458 241400 or via email info@ajmelectricalservices.co.uk


Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) should be performed regularly to protect you, your staff, your customers, your users and your business/house against accidents or fires from faulty electrical appliances.

More often the faults can’t be seen by the human eye which is why a specialist PAT Testing company is needed.

"Brilliant quiet, clean polite and friendly, work completed with no hassles."