AJM Electrical Services (SW) LTD have a team of electricians with the experience and knowledge to provide a comprehensive electrical service, always maintaining a high standard of customer satisfaction giving you peace of mind at all times.

AJM Electrical Services generates work mainly through our glowing reputation. This has been built not only from our knowledge and electrical ability but from our staff respecting their workplace. Wether it is your home or workplace Team AJM will always be exceptionally clean, neat and tidy.

Team AJM are not only work colleagues, we are friends too. We frequently have out of work get togethers and team building excerises. This helps our workplace to be a positive and happy environment and being such a close team helps everyone to learn and develop from each other continuously. We encourage our Team to continually grow their knowledge by completing not only mandatory course but additional course too.


Meet Team AJM


Aaron and Lucy set up AJM Electrical in 2011. Aaron has a wealth of knowledge and enjoys going above and beyond to deliver works to a high standard along with amazing customer satisfaction.

Aaron – feels very lucky to have built a great team of electricians who are a pleasure to work with but also of whom he can trust to carry out all electrical works to an above satisfactory level.


Lucy and Aaron set up AJM Electrical Services in 2011. Lucy organises and manages the day to day runnings of AJM Electrical Services. From managing the office to ensuring each job follows the desired timescales as smoothly as possible.

Lucy – AJM Electrical Services is like a family we call Team AJM. Everyone gets on so well, this not only helps the workplace to be a positive environment but being such a close team helps everyone to learn and develop from each other continuously.


Henry has been with AJM Electrical since leaving school in September 2014 after volunteering to work his last summer holiday. He is now a fully qualified electrician and a massive part of our team. Henry is a very knowledgeable, neat and hardworking electrician.

Henry – I enjoy the wide variety of work AJM have, this allows me to progress further as an electrician and gain more experience I find that I’m always learning something new everyday. Team AJM is a great team to work for as everyone is a pleasure to work alongside.


James has been with AJM Electrical since August 2017 and is a fully qualified Electrician. No task is too much trouble for  James. He’s a valued  member of the team with his great ideas, amazing customer service, patience and enthusiasm to everything he does.

James – I enjoy working for AJM because the company is a wonderful family run business that has its staff and customers at heart. There’s never anything in or out of work that’s too big or small that the directors are willing to talk about. Unlike most big companies my opinion and actions are always appreciated. At AJM we are a team that all have the same goal to provide electrical solutions for the customers exact requirements whilst carrying out an above satisfactory level of work.


Darren has been with AJM Electrical since January 2019. Darren slotted straight into the team and is a very keen and enthusiastic apprentice. Darren is constantly looking to expand his knowledge in both work and personal time. He is a very hardworking individual and nothing is too much trouble.

Darren – As an older apprentice I was apprehensive about starting work for AJM especially as I was going to be a lot less experienced than a lot of the younger lads. The team at AJM have been great and a lot of the younger lads have treated me exactly the same as anyone else offering me help or advice when needed so the team is my favourite thing about working for AJM. The thing I enjoy most about my work is the variety, there’s always something different to work on and a variety of places we visit, as an apprentice this is very important to me personally because I want to be the best electrician I can and coming across lots of different situations will only help me in my career.


Jake has been with AJM Electrical since March 2016. Jake is due to complete his apprenticeship this year and is ready to continue growing his experience to make him a competent Electrician. Jake is a very driven and hard working apprentice who gives 100% daily.

Jake – I enjoy starting a job and watching the progress from start to finish. To look at the finished project and see it all working is rewarding. I also enjoy working for AJM the work is very good and I enjoy who I work with.


Simon has been with AJM Electrical since Oct 2019. After starting his apprenticeship with another firm Simon is a great fit for team AJM. Simon is a hardworking, enthusiastic apprentice with a great sense of humour. Looking forward to seeing his progression.

Simon – I enjoy finishing jobs and seeing everything work when turned on, and being able to work with a close team everyday.


George has been with AJM Electrical Services since May 2019. George is due to complete his apprenticeship this year. He is neat, conscientious and becoming a very valued member to Team AJM.

George – I enjoy completing electrical works on New builds as it is rewarding seeing a project from start to finish but also carrying out electrical works on high spec houses. I like being part of AJM Electrical Services as the team get on so well.


Lewis has been with AJM Electrical since March 2019. Lewis is eager to learn and progress through his apprenticeship. Lewis is constantly building his knowledge and has been welcomed as part of the team.

Lewis – I enjoy the challenge and also the variety of work always going and doing something new. There is nothing better than finishing your job and the lights turning on. I enjoy working for AJM as the team, the atmosphere, and the management are great. The key aspect of the management is that they put their staff first before anything, and look after us as a team and as individuals.


Lottie has been with AJM Electrical Services since Nov 2018. Lottie has a very important role within AJM, from overseeing jobs out and about in the Grey van to the organising and cleaning of crumbs left in the office. Lottie is a very energetic, enthusiastic and loving member of the team who will always put the customer first, ensuring they are fully happy and bombarded with all the love and ginger cuddles needed for works to be carried out with 100% customer satisfaction.

We provide a free no obligation survey to all of our customers

Our qualified and experienced personnel visit and discuss customer’s exact requirements and provide a written quotation to cover the proposed works.

At AJM Electrical Services (SW) LTD where true family values still exist, we do not believe in pressure selling and our quality procedures ensure that customers not only receive the best care and attention but true value and genuine guarantees.