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AJM Renewables are Solar PV installers covering Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Wiltshire. We pride ourselves on offering the very best Solar Photovoltaic systems whilst carrying out installations to the highest standard. We use only the market leading German made SolarWatt panels, as we are passionate about ensuring optimum system performance along with providing aesthetically pleasing systems, with the best warranty periods therefore giving our customers peace of mind.

Solar PV Projects

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Why Choose Us?

Clear & Upfront Pricing

We have a transparent pricing system, providing upfront quotations ahead of every job.

Complete service

From inital enquiry to arranginging scaffolders and applying to the DNO, we deal with the whole process.

20+ Years Experience

Across team AJM we have 20+ years of experience in the Solar PV sector. We can design systems bespoke for your needs.

2 Years Workmanship Guarantee

We provide 2 years workmanship on all of our installations. We also continue to monitor your PV system during this period.


1. Online Survey

Initially we carry out an onsite survey, using Google maps to locate and size your roof. This will give you an idea of the size system we can fit on your roof along with a fairly accurate costing.

To help us design a system specifically for your needs, it is really helpful if you could let us know your requirements along with your electricity usage.

  • Do you want battery storage?
  • Are you on a cheaper tariff at night, therefore wanting to charge your battery during this period?
  • Do you require the powersafe feature, giving you power to seleted circuits during a power cut?

It is worth noting at this point that if we go over a 3.68kW system or 11.04kw for 3 phase, we will need to gain the permission from the DNO before the installation can go ahead. As a worse case this can take upto 90 working days.

2. Onsite Survey

The next step is to carry out an On-Site Survey.

This is where we check the measurements of your roof, calculate the structural support and look at the electrical requirements of the installation.

3. Contract & Invoicing

Upon approval of your on-site survey, we will send out your MCS contracts along with a 30% deposit invoice. These will need to be signed and returned, along with the 30% deposit paid before we can proceed.

Your deposit will be insured by the IWA.

We aim to book your installation in within 1 week of receiving your deposit providing your install doesn’t require a G99. If this is the case we will need to wait for this to be approved before booking you in.

We use DNA scaffolders for our installations. At the time of booking, DNA will be instructed of your installation. They usually make contact with you directly around 2 days before your install to arrange your scaffolding going up.

Then finally 1 week before installation we will require your final 30% Deposit payment to be paid.




4. Work is Undertaken

Our electricians will usually be with you between 8-8:30 unless arranged otherwise.

An average Domestic Solar PV installation will take 2-4 days.

An average Commercial Solar PV installation will take 5-10 days.

These timeframes are subject to weather.

Our electricians strictly follow the MCS approved checklists along with an additional AJM checklist which includes the highest spec of cleanliness to ensuring all rubbish is removed from site.


5. Handover

The final stage is for your handover & commissioning.

A Solar PV Specialist will go through your monitoring to ensure you are competent with monitoring your system.

We will also provide you with:

— Your MCS Certificate & DNO approval

— NICEIC Test Certification & Notification of electrical works

— Warrenties & Manuals on all your Solar PV components

— Your schematic design

We will also check the Solar PV installation to cross reference the checklist, ensuring every stage of the installation is completed to the highest standard.

At this point you will be invoiced your final invoice, the remaining 40%.

Please remember although your installation is complete, we are at the end of an email, phone call or visit if you require any support or have any questions.

With AJM our relationship with our customers does not end when the system is commissioned and working, we continue to monitor your system and like to stay in touch, offering you any help you might need with your Solar PV.


Solarwatt Logo AJM Renewables are proud to share we are SOLARWATT partners.

We only install the market leading Glass-Glass SolarWatt panels or the more comparible SolarWatt Glass-Foil panels. These panels are developed & manufactured in Dresden, Hurth and selective production lines abroad.

The Glass-Glass panels hold a market leading warranty of 30 years!

Visit Solarwatt


Do I need a south facing roof for Solar PV? Is my roof suitable for Solar Photovoltaic?

A south facing roof is preferred however an east-west split roof can also give good generation morning and afternoon.

Can a Solar PV system help prevent losing electricity during a power cut?

Yes! Having a Solar PV system with certain brands of battery storage can give you electric on your chosen circuits for a period of time, depending on how much you use.

Do Solar PV panels need cleaning?

The SolarWatt panels we use are designed to be self cleaning in the rain. If you do not have much rain for a period of time however, they can collect dust, debris and bird droppings that will reduce the amount of electricity produced. So it is a good idea to regularly check your panels.

It is worth baring in mind, lots of window cleaners also clean Solar PV panels.


What are the benefits of having Solar PV?
  • Reduce your electricity bills. A 3kWp system should be able to generate around 35% of an average households annual electricity needs.
  • Lower your carbon footprint. Solar Panels don’t produce any carbon emissions, which will help to greatly reduce the impact your home or business has on the environment.
  • No running costs. Once installed, you wont have to worry about any operating costs as they create free renewable energy for your home and business.
  • Low maintenance. Other that making sure the panels are getting enough light make sure they’re not being obstructed) and making sure they are clean, theres not alot else to worry about.
  • Charge an electric vehicle for free. Reduce your fueling costs if you have an EV. EV chargers can be programmed to run off of your excess Solar PV electric.
Do I need planning permission to install Solar PV to my property?

Only if you live in a conservation area or your property is a listed building.

Do Solar Panels generate electric on cloudy days?

They absolutely do! Obviously the more sunshine the more electricity produced.

Interesting Fact: A sunny Winters day is when Solar panels reach their most optimum preformance.

What Our Customers Say

" AJM Designed, applied for G99, supplied and installed our Solar PV and Battery system. They were communicative and knowledgeable throughout keeping me in the loop on supply issues and have answered all my queries in a timely and professional manner. Would Highly recommend."

" Totally professional from start to finish! From the very first contact with Aaron, Lee and Lucy to the installation of the panels, we were kept informed, all of our many questions were answered swiftly and expertly. The team of engineers who came to do the install were amazing, they turned up when they said they would, they were hardworking and always left the site clean and tidy too! They were polite and very considerate. We would have no problem in highly recommending AJM to family and friends. Excellent customer service, something which some other companies are sadly lacking."

" I have used AJM many times, I thought it was time to review.....The team at AJM are nothing less than accommodating, professional and diligent in their application. I cannot stress enough satisfaction as well as piece of mind when you find a tradesman team, reasonably priced, punctual, clean on housekeeping and accurate to quote and spec. I have appointed AJM as our trusted business electrician. 100% recommend AJM each and every time."

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